2019 Poster Contest

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Last year’s winning poster by Donny Seib

Art on the Porches 2019 is June 15th on Ruskin Avenue in the historic neighborhood of Strathmore in Syracuse.  This year we will be encouraging our neighbors and friends to create the 2019 poster.  The winning poster entry will receive a cash prize of $200.

Art on the Porches is a day filled with color, sound and flavor.  Your poster design should incorporate the theme of beautiful art and beautiful homes on a beautiful day.  The homes on Ruskin Ave with their generous porches filled with amazing art; dancing children listening to local musicians and food glorious, delicious food; this is the feeling of this amazing day!

All ages are encouraged to participate and all mediums will be accepted.  All work must be original.   We will not accept anything derivative i.e.) a picture or photo from another artist that has been photo shopped.

Please include the following information on your poster in order for it to qualify for entry: date “June 15, 2019”,  ‘Ruskin Avenue Strathmore”, “artontheporches.org” and a “check us out on face book” on your poster.

Please know that a bottom header will be utilized for sponsorship information.

The winning poster will be highlighted on the cover of the brochure and on various merchandising.  It will also be used in online advertising.  All other entries will be displayed at Art on the Porches, if possible, with awards chosen by age group.  All posters must be picked up at the festival.

All entries are due by May 3, 2019 and must include your name, age, and contact information.  The winner will be chosen and notified by May 10, 2019.  Please mail or drop off your entry to Kelly Wise Chairperson of Art on the Porches at 125 Ruskin Ave.  Syracuse, NY 13207.

Or Email your entry to info@artontheporches.org.