The following group of amazing artists are exhibiting this year at Art On The Porches.

Please take the time to explore what all of this years exhibitors have to offer and start adding things to your shopping lists!

Exhibitor About The Artist Website/Facebook/Etsy Festival Location
Jonas Sickler Illustration JONAS SICKLER lives in Syracuse, NY with his wife and two boys. When he is not shoveling snow, Jonas is busy creating artwork and writing children's books. Jonas is most inspired by vintage textile design, vintage animation, vintage books, as well as old toys and games. Pretty much anything with dust on it. (^_^)

Jonas Sickler has always been influenced by the beautiful illustrations of Mary Blaire, as well as the fantastic textile designs of Alexander Girard. Some of his favorite contemporary illustrators are Lane Smith and Calif Brown
Porch @106 Ruskin
Elizabeth Andrews Studio Most people are amazed when they see me bicycling down the street while juggling a Roycroft Mark, eating a bagel, and applying eyeliner. They seem even more surprised to discover I write and illustrate my own poems and stories. Sometimes, I illustrate stories I haven’t written yet!

I have been making up tales since I was five days old. By the age of four I drew with pencil, paint and pens to illuminate my stories. Alas, I was too attached to my artistic creations to ever part with them. When I was old enough to enter College, a time of Conceptual and Large Abstracted Thought my narrative, illustrative style chagrined my professors.

As time has passed, I’ve continued to chafe at assimilation by technology and popular culture. The etching of metal plates enables me to make multiple prints that are all originals. The etched plate is truly a labor of love; and a medium that provides the texture and mysterious compliment to my poems, personal anecdotes, and creative musing.
Porch @110 Ruskin
James Skvarch Copper Plate Etching Artwork by James Skvarch: etchings, paintings and clay sculpture. Website
Lawn @123 Ruskin
Syracuse Poster Project The Syracuse Poster Project, established in 2001, brings together community poets and Syracuse University artists to create an annual series of poetry posters for the city’s poster panels.

Each year we produce 16 art posters, each featuring an illustrated poem about the downtown, the city, or the nearby countryside.
Website Porch @106 Ruskin
Mari Fine Art I paint with the conviction that color can manipulate the mind; it can make the heart beat faster, tempt the appetite, or spark a childhood memory. Much of our reaction to color is subliminal, and we are generally unaware of its pervasive and seductive effects.

Contrast and color are essential in my process. I start by selecting two or three colors that create a specific emotion. I work the canvas from all angles discovering new forms of composition through the use of movement. I push the paint to its chemical limit allowing it to mutate and evolve. The result is a bold and eclectic body of work that evokes a response from its viewer.
Website Porch @107 Ruskin
Garnet Grimm Nature Art Garnet's passion for art began at the age of 8. After learning about nature artist Andy Goldworthy in class one day, Garnet couldn't wait to begin making his own nature art.
His creations contain leaves, twigs, rocks, flowers, etc... any natural materials native to the area he is working in. He arranges them into interesting designs - some abstract, some with recognizable forms. They are then photographed, prints made, and are signed and matted.
Lawn @115 Ruskin
Johanna Wall Jewelry Hand made, custom designed beaded jewelry. Facebook Lawn @114 Ruskin
Linda Flynn Art Welcome to the colorful world of Alcohol Inks.

I paint with the new and exciting medium of alcohol inks. The inks are bright, luminous and spontaneous. Painting with these inks allows your inner creativity to flow in a fluid and organic way.

I paint on non-porous materials- ceramic tile and yupo paper. YUPO Synthetic Paper is 100% recyclable, tree-free, waterproof and durable
Lawn @119 Ruskin
The Wrens Den handcrafted soap The Wren's Den is a small business owned and operated by Mary Carlic. We sell wholesale to gift shops and attend a handful of arts and craft shows throughout the year. We also sell direct at various craft festivals and online. The Wrens Den at Hillside Gardens is where we offer our soaps, but also a variety of gifts and gardening accessories and plants.

We have been in business for six years, only because our customers like our products and are faithful. We hope you will agree that our products are the best you can find
Lawn @ 109 Ruskin
Babouska Babouska is a collection of artist made wearable items and home accessories .

All work is handcrafted using a wide variety of fabrics, mostly comprised of vintage, reclaimed and recycled textiles I also include a number of interesting embellishments using vintage buttons, trims and hand felted pieces.

My pieces tend to be one of a kind- or at least in limited numbers, no mass production. Because I try to source material and textiles that may be on their way to a dumpster, many of my design ideas are driven by the materials that I have available.

I have also started a new line of hand blocked, dyed and shaped straw and felt hats. Using non traditional forms and molds I can shape pieces into unique shapes and styles that fit my own aesthetic.

All of my patterns are original, but have been inspired by vintage and traditional styles. My work appeals to a wide variety of individuals and has a wide price range. Currently my line consists of hats, bags and some home items.
FacebookFacebook Lawn @107 Ruskin
David RC Oster pen and Ink David “RC” Oster is a self-taught artist who specializes in free-hand ink drawings of regional landmarks and Adirondack scenes. His work is featured in many galleries in Old Forge and Inlet, New York. His work can also be seen at many regional art festivals. Anyon​e interested in commissioning or purchasing his work, can contact RC at info@theartofrc​.com Website Porch @114 Ruskin
Beckie’s Pottery & Stepping Stones Facebook Lawn @121 Ruskin
The Independent Potters Association Of New York Mission
To support and promote professional artists in the ceramic medium while developing resources to mentor and recognize ceramic excellence.
We are a group of ceramic artists and potters from Syracuse, NY.
Facebook Lawn @ corner of Summit and Ruskin
Woodward Watercolors Porch @118 Ruskin
Shelly Murphy Jewelry Porch @115 Ruskin
Abstract Oils I paint with the conviction that color can manipulate the mind; it can make the heart beat faster, whet the appetite, or spark a memory. Much of our reaction to color is subliminal, and we are generally unaware of its pervasive and seductive effects. The colors we see are invariably influenced by what we feel; therefore, we can never really separate what we see from what we know.

Contrast and color are essential in my process. I start by selecting two or three colors; I work the canvas from all angles discovering new forms of composition through the use of movement and gravity. I push the paint to its chemical limit allowing it to mutate and evolve.
Facebook 11035697_713879312079216_8796775666014525346_o
Michelle DaRin Jewelry Michelle DaRin’s designs are inspired by her love of color and nature. She uses a variety of materials including forged and enameled copper, caste silver, resin, bronze, feathers, leather and stones. href="">Facebook
10440105_10202740551742643_5137444310538582370_n Lawn @111 Ruskin
Mary K Matthews
Bird on a Wire Crafts
Handcrafted jewelry and gifts created by a family of artisans in Central New York. Special orders and personalization are often available upon request. href="">Facebook 11111205_1602627230021679_3074631607078441593_o Porch @121 Ruskin
Amy Bhagalia Welcome to Amy's Creative Designs! Here is a place for me to show you some of my handmade crocheted items, sterling silver wire jewelry, and many more... href="">Facebook 1383306_638289942858608_768200470_n Porch @123 Ruskin
Kate Tressler
Let it be Weeds
My name is Kate. I am the person behind Let it Be Weeds. I take photos. It's kind of my one true love. For me the world is a scary but beautiful place, so, I look at it.

I think the world needs more art. And we all can make it. This is my contribution.

I currently reside in Syracuse, New York and have a desk job just like everyone else.

I also really wonder what I should do with my life. This seems like an awesome option.
7424cc_41d741738aff413f9f4af2c6df49dab0.jpg_srz_p_833_415_75_22_0.50_1.20_0 Porch @113 Ruskin
The Buchmann’s Toymakers Shop
Inspired by the wooden toys that have lasted to be enjoyed by four generations in their family, the Buchmanns embarked on an endeavor in 1976 to pass on the joys of their childhood. All the toys and furniture are copywritten, handcrafted, hand painted, signed and dated by the Buchmanns. Lawn @114 Summit
Mary Haven Watercolors Porch @118 Ruskin
Fowler High School mixed medium Porch @119 Ruskin
Michele’s Garden Stepping Stones Lawn @104 Ruskin
Stefanie Burdick Ceramics Porch @109 Ruskin
Sarah Hall Porch @114 Ruskin
Beth Eichen Porch @112 Ruskin
Anne Helfer Ceramics Porch @108 Ruskin
Michael Messinger Porch @125 Ruskin
Fred Turner Lawn @104