2018 Performers Schedule

2018 Performers Schedule 2018-06-10T11:00:52+00:00

Music on TWO stages!


Gannon’s Island Stage @ 122 Ruskin Ave.  

  •  11am   Kumbuyu Marimba 
    • Kambuyu Marimba plays music with its roots in the traditional Shona songs and rhythms of Zimbabwe.  The ensemble instruments include eight marimbas:  3 sopranos, 2 tenors, 1 alto, 1 baritone and 1 bass.  The marimbas are accompanied by hosho, or gourd rattles, singing,  and sometimes drums.  “Kambuyu”, a Shona word for “Bugs”, plays happy, percussive music—very rhythmic and driving—meant for dancing.  In most songs, one of the soprano marimbas plays the lead melody, while the other instruments provide curious counter-rhythms and chords.  The music is infectious.This music was brought to the United States during the 1960’s by the Kwanongoma College of Music in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. It has become very popular in the Pacific Northwest and interest in it is gradually spreading across the country.  The songs Kambuyu plays are either influenced by traditional Shona mbira (thumb piano) melodies arranged for marimba, or are more modern compositions written in the traditional music spirit.  The various marimba parts to each song are typically taught through oral tradition without written notation.  Kambuyu Marimba has been playing together since the winter of 2004.  Members include educators, scientists, nurses, and business folk. Home base is Syracuse, NY.
  •  12:30  UNiTY Street Band Parade
    • The UNiTY Street Band provides an open opportunity to musicians at any level where participants can practice active citizenship through their artistry.    The USB mission is to bring people together through music, to inspire positivity, and to create an all-inclusive environment with a shared love for the joy of music.    UNiTY Street Band was born January of 2017 from the Second Line Syracuse movement, in collaboration with former members of sister activist bands around the country who now live in Syracuse, including the Extraordinary Rendition Band from Providence, RI and the Brass Liberation Orchestra based in San Francisco.
  • 12:35  Methodist Bells
    • pop rock garage slop glamorous country flop – The Methodist Bells are centered around the songs of lead singer Clement Coleman, who moved to Syracuse in 2010 and brought with him a batch of fresh pop and rock and country rock songs. King Vidor, Coleman’s previous band, had recorded a couple of records before disbanding. The name Methodist Bells comes from a lyric in the song “Sara” by Bob Dylan. A 1000 Miles of Turpentine is the first Methodist Bells record to feature a full band.
  • 1:45    Harmonic Dirt
    • Just under two years ago, Mike Gridley and Susan Coleman decided to experiment with a musical idea: On a cold February afternoon, Susan, a non-musician … but a diehard fan, wrote what became the first of many lyrics to a song that began to take shape in her head. Husband Mike, an accomplished local musician and songwriter himself, took her lyrics and basic ideas and brought them to life! Amazed and energized by the creation, they collaborated on another song….and another. Many others. They began sending rough tracks to their close friend and percussionist Taylor Bucci, who immediately felt the potential for a real collaboration. Further encouragement and songwriting approval by friend and musician Oliver W. gave Susan the confidence to continue. Before long, Susan and Mike completed a repertoire of dozens of songs, the best of which were selected for their debut album “Anthracite.” Mike and Taylor (with support from Bob Gaus, Blake Propst, Joey Arcuri, and Scott Wilson) recorded 12 tracks, under the band name of “Harmonic Dirt,” at Greywood Studio in Jamesville, NY. Final mastering was done at Subcat Studio in Syracuse, NY. This endeavor is a testament to the power of confidence, the magic of compatible musical visions, and blind faith.
  • 2:45   Mike DeLaney & The Delinquents 
    • Mike DeLaney and The Delinquents present a wide variety of blues when they take the stage. Their set is a variety of blues from the 1950’s-now, featuring classic instrumentals by way of Freddie King, Chicago blues by way of Otis Rush, and jump blues by way of the great T-Bone Walker.
  • 4:15    Tim Herron 
    • Tim has been a mainstay on the upstate NY music scene for years.  He blends folk, jazz, rock and blues into an eclectic mix of American roots music.  With two solo albums Tim tours constantly throughout the region bringing his unique guitar style and songwriting to music festivals, clubs, house concerts and local taverns.
  •  5pm    Star Joker
    • Wrapping up our musical program this year is a special performance from Star Joker.  Featuring the progeny of members of Syracuse bands such as The Barndogs and Pearly Baker’s Best, and drawing on influences from jazz and blues, Star Joker members are all Strathmore neighbors
      Jack Petrone, bass guitar and saxophone, age 13
      Joe McDermott-Wise, drums, age 13
      Jimmie Westers, lead guitar, age 11


K-Mase Productions Storyteller Stage @ 105 Ruskin


K-Mase Productions have presented the highly successful “Storytellers Series” at venues all around town and has just recently brought that same vibe to the region with a successful tour.  Art on the Porches is proud to be able to have this as a part of our festival.

  • 11am  Sheralyn Jeanne  
    • Explore a fresh approach to the modern day singer/songwriter genre while listening to Sheralyn Jeanne. She strives to create a unique sound that is focused on the singer and lyrics but also incorporates a mixture of folk, jazz, and experimental music. Heavily influenced by Bon Iver, Radiohead, Becca Stevens, and traces of her love for music history, you’ll never know what to expect next. 
  • 11:45  Charlie Orlando w/ Eric Wise
    • After 17 albums, and over 3,000 shows in North America, 200 plus original songs, 28 GRAMMY Ballot Nominations and over 30 years in the music industry, Charley Orlando has settled into a faceted music career. Mainly playing solo shows that display his veteran songwriting style and unique rhythmic approach to the guitar while pushing himself to create on all levels. Currently Charley is working on material for his 18th release and a tour to follow.
  • 12:35  Unity Street Band Performance
  • 1:30   Gary Frenay and Arty Lenin
    • In the 20+ years that the SAMMY (Syracuse Area Music) Awards have been honoring CNY musicians, only two people have been inducted into the SAMMY’s Hall of Fame twice, Gary Frenay & Arty Lenin; once as individuals (2006) and again as members of their band, The Flashcubes (2012). They have also been honored at the annual awards ceremony with trophies for Best Acoustic Act, Best Singer/Songwriter (Gary, twice), Best Rock Instrumentalist (Arty) and Best Rock Album (The Flashcubes – Sportin’ Wood). During the past 37 years they have been known by several names: the raucous new wave/rock’n’roll of The Flashcubes, the stylish dance-pop of Screen Test, and the harmony-based oldies rock of The Neverly Brothers Band and The FabCats (formerly the Fab Five). No matter what the name, the music that these two talented musicians have performed has always featured great harmony vocals and dazzling guitar work.
  •  2:30    Dizzy Heart w/Riley Mahan
    • Info Coming Soon!
  •  3:15    Bess Greenberg
    • In the four and half years she has been playing, she has performed at festivals along the east coast, joined honored musicians
      such as Richie and Rosie, Donna the Buffalo, and Preston Frank on stage, and is currently touring as a solo artist.
      Greenberg will be releasing her debut solo album this spring.
      “I’ve always been someone who gravitates wherever my heart is leaning without trying to think too much about it,” she says. “I just trust that it’s gonna make me feel most fulfilled. Now, learning this new language of communicating with people … it’s overwhelming in some ways. Music makes me feel so full inside. The more I play, the better I feel. I’ve done a lot of different things in life, but music feels endless in itself.”
  • 4:15    Corey Paige
    • Corey is a SAMMY Award winning singer-songwriter from Syracuse, NY. His influences include Soul Coughing, Elliott Smith, Radiohead, and Elvis Costello. After five studio albums and more than a decade as frontman for rock band Candid, he now performs mainly as an acoustic act and is working on new material for his first solo album.

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